Here For You The Ultimate Packing Guide for Travel Photographers

Choose a Good Camera Bag

Protection, security, and comfort are essential when toting around your gear, so make sure a quality backpack is top priority. Lowepro and PacSafe bags are designed with traveling in mind, equipped with anti-theft features and camera/laptop protection. If the bag you choose does not come with an attached rain fly (highly recommended), you can purchase one separately. Check out our recommendations below or find a similar one that suits your needs best.

Keep in mind that some airlines have a weight limit for carry-ons, so if you find a casual, lightweight-looking backpack you will more than likely not be asked to weigh it — allowing you to carry on all of your (typically) heavier camera equipment with you.

 Keep Your Equipment Light

Mirrorless and compact cameras are great for lightening your load, and point-and-shoots are often more practical if you know you’ll get tired of carrying around a heavier DSLR.

If you do opt to bring your SLR, consider cutting back on lenses and consider the pros

Now You Can Staying at The Royal Suites Yucatán by Palladium

Just a short drive down the coast from Playa del Carmen on the Yucatán Peninsula lies The Royal Suites Yucatán by Palladium — the ultimate Mexico getaway. If you’re looking to get the royal treatment on your next tropical vacation, consider a stay at this VIP luxury resort.

The Royal Suites Yucatán by Palladium

The Hotel

The adults-only, all inclusive resort is a smaller 130-suite exclusive area of the larger Grand Palladium Resort, but allows complete access to the full resort’s 5-star amenities.

The privacy and VIP treatment at The Royal Suites Yucatán by Palladium is all any peace-seeking adult could ask for on a vacation. With everything this resort includes — a private beach with Bali beds, first-class spa, exclusive bars and restaurants — it’s not hard to see why this is paradise on the Yucatán.

The Rooms

The rooms at The Royal Suites are quite literally “the height of luxury.” A private terrace with a jacuzzi soaking tub is standard in each room with the option to upgrade to the Mayan Suites, which are right on the water with lush,

Travel in Maldives Luxury and local life

For many, world-class luxury resorts are still the major drawcard, but there are two sides to every coin, or cowrie shell. Combining resort indulgence with a cultural encounter on one of the Maldives‘ dozens of inhabited islands can make a trip here all the more enriching.

Appreciating the Maldives’ natural riches

Nicknames aside, the etymology of the word ‘Maldives’ refers to the remarkable geography of this scattered archipelago. The ‘garland islands’ are indeed draped like a necklace across the Indian Ocean, hanging below the teardrop-shaped earring of Sri Lanka. And this is a treasure crafted from only the finest materials: white-gold sands with a turquoise trim, diamond-clear waters and sparkling sunsets framed by a curtain of palms. Every second spent here is a pinch-me moment.

The Maldives is the world’s lowest country in terms of elevation, and therefore first in the climate change firing line, which makes its natural wonders seem all the more precious, particularly when you meet the wildlife. Keen spotters, snorkelers and scuba divers should head to the southernmost atoll, Addu (also known

Travel in Style without Breaking the Bank

If you’re a travel junkie you know how expensive discovering new places can be. From the things you forgot to pack to the rental car fees and service tips, if you’re not careful your trip can easily double the cost of basic travel and lodging. This can put a cramp on your budget, and lengthen the time between trips while you recover from the monetary setback. Here are some tips to keep on hand, so on your future trips you can travel in style without breaking your bank account:

Get organized. Make a folder on your computer that’s dedicated to travel plans, so when you come across great deals or fascinating places you can keep the links and pages in one place. That way you won’t have to search when you want to make a reservation or look for attractions in your next destination.

Plan ahead. Think of places to go in the off season, when it’s not as crowded and the rates typically drop. This is especially true for cruises as well as places that are popular with families and the college crowd.

Make lists. As soon as you choose

Trips in Sweden’s sublime Bohuslän Coast

In a country lauded for its stewardship of the environment (Sweden ranks first and third in the world respectively in the most recently published Global Green Economy Index and Environmental Performance Index), the west coast is a showcase of sensitive development.

Stretching north from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border, the region features pine forests framing fjord-like lakes, charming coastal towns and, of course, a vast archipelago of 8000 islands, islets and skerries, whose distinctive Bohus granite glows orangey-pink in the rising and setting sun.

In summer, that sun shines for 18 hours a day at this latitude, giving you plenty of time to explore what Bohuslän has to offer; better still, the E6 motorway, which runs parallel to the coast for about 100 miles, forms the backbone of a readymade route for independent travellers. The only decision that remains is what to see along the way.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

First stop: Marstrand – find the perfect place to drop anchor

Calculate the total value of the yachts gliding to and fro in Marstrand’s gästhamn (guest harbour) and you’d probably end up with a figure that dwarfs

Ten Things When You Travel To Sri Lanka

An island with many blessed gifts, an imperfect paradise of some sort, are just two of the phrases used to describe the unending beauty of Sri Lanka otherwise known as the pearl of the Indian ocean. Main language here is Sinhala but if you’re not familiar English works absolutely well too. If you have decided to have your much deserved vacation in this beautiful island, I’d say you’ll not regret that decision for one second. And the locals you’ll meet you here will be without a doubt one of the friendliest people you’ll meet in a lifetime.

1.One main thing you should know when you’re travelling to Sri Lanka, is that this country is blessed with the best climates. Be it cold or hot or warm, you’ll find it all on this island. But be sure to miss the monsoon seasons to avoid a lot of staying in and cosying up in a couch.

2.Second of all, clothing is one of the important things you should recheck before travelling to Sri Lanka. If you’re planning on visiting the beautiful hill side with it’s absolutely breathe taking views, I suggest you to grab clothes from beanies to wool coats to turtle

The Travel Arrangements in Los Angeles

While the reasons for prom-goers to eagerly book a party bus in Los Angeles are obvious, parents also embrace this option for prom transportation because it increases the safety, positivity, and economy of the experience.

As your child prepares to attend prom, you might worry that the pressures of the experience could be more than your child can handle. The emphasis placed on appearance and conforming to the group is enormous at this age and can be profoundly influential on behavior. While kids love a ride to prom via party bus of Los Angeles CA, parents should also embrace the concept. Riding as a group offers cover from individual pressure, safe transportation on a night often tainted by alcohol, and an economic solution to the luxurious expectations of adolescents.

Keep Support System Close

Whether you’re firm in your trust regarding your child’s commitment to values or not, support is always useful. Adolescents are susceptible to pressure; even the strongest-willed teenagers succumb with enough outside influence. That’s why you should observe your child’s interactions with friends before prom and ensure that the Los Angeles bus rental is filled with kids who support your child rather than pressure him or her. Prom is

The New Season With A Big Party In A Big Party Bus Service

The New Season is upon us, and as you plan for the holiday, take advantage of the accommodations of a big party bus in order to create an easy and fun party that your inner circle will find unforgettable.

Ringing in the New Season requires big plans, but planning a memorable night without a lot of hassle is difficult. Instead of spending the holiday yet again in the same boring fashion as you do every year, reserve a big party bus and cruise throughout the beginning of the year with simplicity and fun.


Watching the ball drop, purchasing a New Year’s package, or attending a house party are common ways for celebrating the advent of a new year; however, doing the same thing year in and year out leads to blending of memories. If you want to create a memorable New Year, make 2017 the year that you and your friends make unforgettable plans by renting a party bus. The event will be unusual enough to be memorable, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money in the process.

Effort-Free Arrangements

Making non-conventional plans for your group requires some imagination, but it doesn’t have to require a lot

A Meditated Yoga Holiday Packages In India

India tours and Yoga is tried and tested. Yet; Travel Astu, one of the best tour operators in India, seeks to make it even better. We understand that our country is vast, and therefore believe, in customizing India holiday packages. We are sure there are many Yoga India holiday packages. In our endeavor, we strive to help you to treasure this Yoga destination even better.

Of course, Yoga is at the core of our India tours philosophy too. Our attempt is only to make it a fulfilling experience for you-about Yoga, and India tours. While you continue to visit Yoga sites, you will also know about enroots of this ancient practice in India, with us.
We present to you Golden Triangle Tour, and 15 days is all we ask from you, to know Yogic motherland.

Day 1- your wonder tour starts from Delhi. Our representative will be there to receive you at the airport. You may ask him as many questions (from a local perspective) on your journey or yoga destination. Our representative will humbly guide you.

Day 2- following day, you will visit monuments of Delhi. Interesting historical facts are attached to each place. You may also notice the grand

A Wildlife Safari Trips in India

Nothing beats the incredible experience of Wildlife tours in India. Add to it the services of a specialized tour operator and guide who know the place in and out, and you are all set for a roller coaster ride. All major operators specializing in wildlife safari trips in India have local guides who have in depth knowledge of the land and local flora and fauna. Conducted in a safe and secure environment, the overall experience is truly mesmerizing to wildlife lovers.

India is best experienced through its wildlife. The compelling images of far off remote places are ideal to be captured on your lens. The rustic beauty of the land is specially compelling to wildlife enthusiasts. This is a country which has largely relied on agriculture in the past. Though, it has made a remarkable economic progress after independence, major part of the country is still rural and unknown from modern ways of life. Hence its natural beauty is unspoilt and untouched from the winds of change.

Most of the remote corners of the country are still inaccessible and one requires the services of experienced guides to roam through its wilderness. But it offers

Travel and Have a good time on your Holiday’s Day

Center your Holiday’s trip on the use of a DC charter bus; your entire company will appreciate the consideration into comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Holiday’s Day offers a chance to arrange a trip for your loved ones. As you make the plans for the trip, choose a DC charter bus to facilitate your travel, and your companions will appreciate the attention to detail regarding comfort, safety, and efficiency. Your group will have a great time as you enjoy the holiday.

You’ll have a Driver

The typical road trip involves roping in a few volunteers to use their personal vehicles and drive them, and this method gets the job done but increases the danger and decreases the enjoyment of the experience. When you book buses of Washington, DC, you embrace calm and peace for everyone in your party. Your provided driver will be a consummate professional with clear results on background and drug screenings, area knowledge, and a history of professional behavior toward service. Your entire group can relax and ride, enjoying the holiday trip without concern over reaching the destination.

You’ll have Comfort and Space

In addition to exhausting the party

For Your Families and kids in Livigno

Many of you are planning trips are wandering where to go and thinking about how to take the family there since there will either be no activity for the kids or there will be no activities for the adults. Livigno is a small town near the Italian Alpine boarder and is a very exciting and fun filled town. The town is filled with activities for the whole family even though it is winter or summer. The town is most famous for the famous italian ski resorts and the vineyards.

During the summer the visitors are able to enjoy the lush greenery and be with nature. It does not matter how old you are you will enjoy the nature in Livigno. The summer time in Livigno is filled with hiking, fishing, mountain biking and trekking which are some of the most attractive activities the town has to offer the kids will really enjoy the hikes that the town has planned along the know and marked routes. The paths will take you to the mountain peaks of Stelvio and Engadin National park along very lush green valleys. For more experienced adults and children, the area offers a

Physical Training in Everest

Everest base camp trekking is no doubt one of the most popular activities for adventure travelers worldwide. Mount Everest, the globe’s tallest mountain is recognized as Sagarmatha “sky head” in Nepalese & Chomolungma “the mother goddess of the earth” in Tibetan.

The backdrop is really awe-inspiring with mixed woodland, flower-packed pastures, rivers, glaciers and exceptional mountainous vistas all through. Placed in the Khumbu province of Eastern Nepal, Everest base camp trek takes you through bazzars, Sherpa villages and Buddhist monasteries. Hikers always appreciate the Sherpa living style, their tradition and mountain culture.

Be it Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek or Makalu base camp trek, you need proper physical strength to accomplish the summit.  Training for EBC should not be taken lightly. A mixture of cardiovascular stamina, strength training, and trekking is required to get ready yourself for the real trek. Nothing can really get ready you for the elevation of 17,598 foot, but you can make it easier with adequate training maybe under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Crucial exercises to be performed for successful Everest base camp trekking:

•    Squats
•    Dead lifts
•    Front squats
•    Bench press, military press and incline press

This Eight best trekking trails in Himachal Pradesh place

 It is step by step getting to be distinctly prominent amongadventure addicts because of its rough territories offering various trekking trails with fluctuating trouble levels. Himachal trekking trails offer all encompassing perspectives of the snow topped mountains. Investigate these 8 hypnotizing trails specified beneath:


In spite of the fact that the trek is restricted to Kullu valley in Himachal, this trail is utilized by Gaddi shepherds to get to the hidden fields which have been disguised in the unexplored territories of Himalayas. The trek will take you to the higher planes incorporating the Pir Panjal run, upto the Kaliheni-Pass. Known as the door to Manali from Bara Bhanghal the word Kaliheni, as indicated by the legends, have been gotten from two words, Kali implies dark and heni implies an ice sheet. Accordingly it implies the go of dark ice sheet. Resting at an elevation of 4000 m, Kaliheni can be a precarious circumstance going through ice, snow and moraine. A delightful little frosty lake should welcome you on drop. The trek offers entrancing perspectives of Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan, Deo tibba among others. The trek is brimming with dazzling perspectives of fields

San Francisco to New Delhi Flight for your travel


Ahoy there! Nature is calling you into its lap of beauty and solace so that you feel good and get some stress free days away from your routine life. It’s time to visit new places and see the new and unseen wonders of the world. Among the innumerable flight deals from various places to various more, we have flights from San Francisco to New Delhi (SFO to DEL) also with some extra special deals to help you fly from San Francisco to Delhi (SFO to DEL) at cheaper airfares.

San Francisco, the spectacular fun city on the central coast of California is one of the most exciting places that you can ever see. Delhi, the equally magnificent city and the heart of India is a sight to see with all its stories of bravery and wonders. Don’t you think it will be different yet exciting to travel from San Francisco to Delhi (SFO to Delhi) to experience the unimagined and the unplanned? Set your dates and log in to our website to book flights from San Francisco to New Delhi (SFO to Delhi).

Right from the peaceful and serene

A Travel Enhancing Options for Large Groups

Travel arrangements for large groups of riders are few. Rental cars and cabs will not accommodate the entire group, and dividing into many machines is disruptive to the trip and necessitates many volunteers to drive. You’ll likely experience a miserable ride and arrive fatigued when you choose this option, but professional transportation allows your group to avoid this tragedy. Pittsburgh Charter Buses will allow your entire group to ride as one, and the amenities included offer enjoyment that isn’t possible with other options for transportation.

Meeting All Needs of Your Group

Our company offers a group of vehicles that ranges from the choice of a tradition limo to a Charter Bus of Pittsburgh. Offering are varied, and each one is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Moreover, every fleet member is newer, well-kept, and immaculately clean, ensuring satisfactory service each and every time. While embraking on a long trip, you’ll enjoy a seamless ride from your starting point to your ultimate destination in full comfort with recliner seats, a designated area for luggage, and plenty of area for comfort. You and the other passengers will be able to rest and ride without practical concerns.

Drivers Make

Faster Program for Partner and Spouse when Travel

On December 7, 2016, the Government announced that most spousal sponsorship applications will be processed within 12 months from the day they are received by IRCC. This represents a significant decrease from the 26-month processing time in 2016. IRCC will finish processing the majority of applications currently in the system by the end of December 2017.

A new application kit was also launched on December 15, 2016, which is simpler and easier to understand and use.

These changes apply to all applicants, whether they are in the outside-Canada family class or the spouse or common-law partner in-Canada class. More than 64,000 applicants are expected to benefit from these changes within the first year.

The Government is doing this by:

Increasing funding to bring down the backlog and reduce processing times;

Welcoming more spouses, partners and dependent children to Canada through increased admissions space in the annual immigration levels plan; and

Processing cases faster, while maintaining program integrity. All applications will continue to receive full criminality, security and medical screening.

These important changes will help ease some of the uncertainty faced by Canadian citizens and permanent residents and their spouses

Budget accommodation for your Traveling

Uttarakhand is a state known for its pleasant destinations that are rich in natural beauty. The mighty Himalayas is the origin of rivers that flows through the state making it rich in vegetation. Visiting the famous destinations like Mussoorie, Nainital, Bhimtal, Pangot, Almora, etc. can be a ‘dream come true’ for many tourists.

Beside the hefty fare of travel, lodging is also considered as an extravagant expense. For the affluent, a luxury stay does not harm their budget. Whereas, for travellers looking for an alternate and affordable stay (pay a fraction of the rent of a 5 star hotel), a budget hotel or a budget resort is an appropriate choice.

Bhimtal, a town located in Nainital, is a popular tourist destination. This place has a religious significance as well as the Bhimtal Lake that is the main attraction of this region. During your trip to Bhimtal, you can travel to Pangot, Mukteshwar, Almora and Ranikhet.  The Government and the Tourism Board are trying to develop a smooth travel related comfort for the tourist and also to create a major source of employment and revenue for the locals. Thus, budget resorts and budget hotels in

Ultimate Fun Destination in Fraser Island for you

Australia is known for its diverse landscape.The words would fall less to express the beauty it holds. The beaches are world known and diverse activities like snorkelling, kayaking, whale watching make the Australia tours more exciting. Fraser Island is one of the most visited places. The rainforests growing over the sand mark it as wonders of nature. It is a heritage-listed site, situated at the southeastern coast of state of Queensland, Australia. This island is paradise for nature lovers as it contains rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, mangrove forests, swamps, sand dunes, and coastal heaths. It is home to a number of species, which include diverse range of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammal species. The island is protected in the Great Sandy National Park. Spread over 1840 square kilometres, the island boasts of clear-perched lakes and barrage lakes. With so many attractions spread in the area, it becomes necessary to opt for a tour operator, who provides an itinerary including best of the fun and adventure along with optimum comfort. Being a top rated tourist spot, there are many tour operators operating in the region, but the best are the Sunset Safaris, who have set a benchmark in

Here to Find cheap flights from SAN FRANCISCO(SFO) to Mumbai(BOM)


If you haven’t traveled enough, then you haven’t lived enough. Doesn’t it make sense? How long can you spend your life amongst the four walls of your room? Time to go out into the chaos of this world and shout along with the strangers and friends who are outside waiting for us to join them. We are all the creatures of Mother Earth and it’s a privilege to explore its magnificence. So let’s start it from India. Travel from SFO to BOM by booking San Francisco to Mumbai flights and experience the craziness

of Mumbai. The availability of cheap flights from San Francisco to Mumbai is always common but we at Indian Eagle offer you extraordinary discounts upon booking SFO to Mumbai flights. Read us further to know more about Indian Eagle and SFO to Mumbai flights.


Mumbai is famous for driving your hunger pangs with just 10 rupees. Yes the famous Vada Paav of Mumbai is totally a “DO NOT MISS” food to have. Similarly Indian Eagle is famous for booking your SFO to Mumbai flights with the lowest